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Welcome everybody and thank you for joining us. Its not the start of the season we all had hoped for. Those of us that managed one meeting, the Rally, were concerned about whether the season would get going!

Our worst fears were realised today when the following statement was released by MSV: -

MotorSport UK, the MCRCB and the ACU have taken the decision to suspend all motorsport events until at least the end of April, a decision which will be kept under review as the situation progresses. We fully support that position and therefore confirm that we will be postponing all race events at our circuits due to take place in March and April. We are working with organisers to arrange new calendars for series including British Superbikes and Touring Cars for later in the year, when we hope restrictions will be lifted. We will post regular updates and further information on this page.

For clarity, here is our policy regarding event tickets and raceday hospitality:

In the event a race meeting is postponed, all tickets will be valid for the rescheduled event. If you let us know that you can't make the rescheduled date, you will get a refund. If a race meeting is cancelled entirely and not rescheduled, you will automatically get a refund. We will review the effect on season pass holders throughout the season and ensure that any significant loss of entitlement is managed fairly.

If and when we get any information, we will post any further information we receive on our facebook page DPRAC members page.

Many members will remember Roger Hodson who served on the DPRAC Committee for many years.

Our Vice Chairman and membership Secretary Phil French, Remembers Roger

It is with great sadness we must tell you that our old mate Roger passed away on February 15th this year.

Roger was a member for over 20 years; he served on the committee for 10 of them and was a regular at Donington until the last couple of years when his health started to suffer. If you didn’t know him by sight, then his distinctive gravelly tones certainly told you he was about.

While based at Hollywood, in many committee meetings Roger was very keen on us having a flagpole in the compound; eventually we succumbed but he had to settle for 4 smaller poles attached to the cabins. He was also the go between in the subsequent purchase of our grandstand with Sileby Town FC, Rogers other passion.

He was a real motor racing fan having attended many meetings both in the UK and as far as Mexico.

Roger one of the original shareholders in the Justin Wilson Racing Company and supported him until his untimely death in 2015.

In 1995 he and I attended all 13 rounds of the BTTC championship from Truxton to Knockhill. Loads of miles and lots of fun.

Roger was Roger. He was a mate and you will miss your mates when they’ve gone.

Rest in peace Rog Phil

We have had problems over the recent past in keeping our website up to date. Over the Winter I changed the Host. I’m sure things will be better so check it out.



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