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Wheatcroft Trophy

The Tom Wheatcroft Memorial Trophy is presented by the DPRAC in memory of our late president and Donington Park founder, Tom Wheatcroft. It was decided that the trophy would be presented alternately to bikes and cars.

It was first presented in 2010 to Kevin Wheatcroft for his determination on re-establishing Donington Park to it's former glory.

The trophy itself is kept as one of the exhibits of The Donington Grand Prix Collection and is viewable by visitors year round and the winners themselves each receive a silver plaque.

Current Holder 2023: Joe Talbot (Nat Superstock 1000)

Previous Winners:

2010 Kevin Wheatcroft
2011 Marco Melandri - World Superbikes
2012 Olivier Pla, Bertand Baguette & Dimitrie Enjalbert - European Le Mans Series
2013 Alex Lowes - British Superbike Championship
2014 Jason Plato - British Touring Car Championship
2015 James Ellison - British Superbike Championship
2016 Matt Jackson - British Touring Car Championship
2017 Danny Buchan - British Superbike Championship

2018 John Minshaw - Phil Keen

2019 Todd Ellis & Charlie Richardson

2021 Ben & Tom Birchell

2022 Luke Browning

Muriel Tomlinson Trophy

The Muriel Tomlinson Trophy is a cup which was presented to the club by Muriel at the end of her term of office as Chairman of the DPRAC. Muriel was a founder member of the club and presented the Trophy to mark her 25 years of involvement with the club, during which she has served in a number of posts. 

The trophy is presented to a national level single-seater series event, selected by the club committee.

Current Holder 2023 : David Russell


Previous Winners:

1999 Craig McRay             2000 Mark Taylor

2001 Robert Bell               2002 Matt Doman

2003 Gavin Wills               2004 M Harrison

2005 Matthew Howson    2006 Oliver Turney

2007 Henry Surtees         2008 Jason Moore

2009 Chrissy Palmer       2011 Scott Malvern

2012 Jake Cooke              2013 Dan Cammish

2015 Harrison Newey     2016 Mathews Leist

2017 Ben Hingeley          2018 Sun Yue Yang

2019 Nazim Yemans       2022 Marc Warren

Squib Burton Cup

C F "Squib" Burton was the winner of Donington Park's first race, on 25th May 1931. On the 50th anniversary of that victory he presented this Cup to the DPRAC to be used as an annual challenge trophy for solo motorcycles.

The Squib Burton Challenge Trophy is a silver cup, 15 inches high, valued at over £1,000. It was originally the Evening Chronicle Cup, and was competed for by all BDTRA riders and visiting dirt-track teams at the White City track in 1929. Squib Burton won the cup outright.

Current Holder 2023: Edmund Best

Previous Winners:

1986 John Birkett        1987 John Gainey

1988 Brian Morrison    1989 Terry Rymer

1990 Terry Rymer        1991 Ron Haslam

1992 John Reynolds     1993 Steve Hislop

1994 Jim Moody           1995 Mick Corrigan

1996 Alan Batson         1997 Alan Batson

1998 Pete Brown          1999 David Heal

2000 Steven Mc Millan 2001 Gary Mason

2002 Steve Tombs        2003 Jason Absalam

2004 Steve Kaenne       2005 Mark Cheethen

2006 Peter Baker          2007 Carl Haton

2008 Ian Mackman       2009 Alistair Seeley

2010 Ian Mackman.      2011 Keith Farmer

2012 Lee Jackson         2013 John Ingram

2014 John Ingram        2015 Adam Shelton

2016 Ed Pead                2017 Tom Booth Amos

2018 Phil Crowe.           2019 Trystan Finocchiaro

2021 Johnny Garness   2022 Mikey Hardie


The Raymond Mays Salver commemorates Raymond Mays CBE, who was the first President of the DPRAC. He was a celebrated racing driver of the pre-war period, and played an important role in the creation of the famous ERA and BRM racing cars.

The trophy is a twelve-inch diameter silver salver, with a Chippendale edge, mounted on four small feet, to a 1735 design. It is engraved with a map of the pre-war Donington Park circuit, on which is superimposed an ERA Grand Prix car, driving gloves and goggles.

The trophy is presented at a national single-seater series event, selected by the club committee.

Current Holder 2023: Liam McNeilly


Previous Winners:

1980 Ron Footit             1981 Tom Wood               1982 Mark Peters

1983 John Booth.          1984 Victor Rosso.            1985 Christian Danner

1986 John Booth.          1988 Tony Mayman.          1989 Steve Robertson

1990 Jason Plato.         1991 Julien Westwood.     1992 Jason Elliott 

1993 Kelvin Burt.          1994. Steve Soper             1995 Oliver Gavin

1996 Darren Manning   1997 Jonny Kane.              1998 Martin O Connell

1999 Marc Hynes.        2000 Michael Bentwood.    2001 Derek Hayes

2002 Robbie Kerr.        2003 Jamie Green.              2004 Adam Carroll

2005 Mike Conway.      2006 Mike Conway.            2007 Jonathon Kennard

2008 Nick Tandy.          2009 Max Chilton.               2011 Rupert Svenson Cook

2012 Harry Tincknell   2013 Vittorio Ghirelli.            2014 Arjun Maini

2015 Will Palmer.         2016 Toby Sowerby.            2017 Jordan Cane

2018 Nicolay Kargaard  2019 Jonathan Hoggard

Bill Boddice Sidecar Challenge Trophy

The Bill Boddice Trophy was presented to the DPRAC by Mrs Iris Boddice, in memory of her husband. Bill Boddice was a very well-known and successful sidecar rider for many years, and succeeded Raymond Mays as the President of the DPRAC in 1980. 

The trophy is a silver cup with a London hallmark. It is presented annually for a sidecar event selected by the Club committee. 

Current Holder 2023 : Pete Founds & Jevan Walmsley


Previous Winners:

1987 Barry Laidlow & Carl Laidlow               1988 Kenny Howles & Steve Pointer

1989 Kenny Howles & Steve Pointer             1990 Dave Holden & Brian Threlfall

1991 Trevor Robinson & Richard Graham.   1992 Keith Brown & Alan Brown

1994 Chris Wright & Paul Woodhead.           1995 Derek Brindley & Paul Hutchinson

1996. Tim Rope & Rick Lawrence                 1997 Dave Holden & Richard Jacques

1998 Greg Lambert & Mark Ross                 1999 Greg Lambert & Ivan Murray

2000 Alan Schofield & Ian Simons               2001 Ian Bell & Neil Carpenter

2002 Ian Bell & Neil Carpenter                      2003 Ian Bell & Neil Carpenter

2005 Ben Birchall & Tom Birchall.                2006 Trevor Robinson & Richard Stewart

2007 Dougie Wright & Dipesh Chauhan.      2008 Nick Crowe & Mark Cox

2009 Ben Birchall & Tom Birchall.               2010 Ben Birchall & Tom Birchall

2011 Ben Birchall & Tom Birchall                2012 Scott Lawrie & James Neale

2013 Tim Reeves & Tristan Reeves             2014 Shaun Reeves & Mark Wilks

2015 Ben Birchall & Tom Birchall               2016 Pete Founds & Jevan Walmsley

2017 Pete Founds & Jevan Walmsley.        2018 Pete Founds & Jevan Walmsley

2019 Pete Founds & Javan Walsmey.         2021 Lee Crawford & Scott Hardie

2022 Lee Crawford & Scott Hardie


The trophy is awarded annually, for a car race or series decided by the club committee each year 

Current Holder 2023: Christian Pittard

Previous Winners:

1992 Kelvin Burt                             1993 Jamie Spence

1994 Dario Franchiti                       1995 John Kent

1996 John Kent                             1997 Ian Flux

1998 Jamie Campbell-Walter        1999 Mike Jordan

2000 Jamie Campbell-Walter        2001 Andy Britnell

2003 Lee Caroline                         2004 Lee Caroline

2005 Matthew Nicol-Jones            2006 Jeremy Metcalf

2007 Duncan Tappy                       2008 Riki Christodoulou

2009 Dean Smith                          2011 Alex Lynn

2012 Paul Smith                           2013 Paul Smith

2014 Nick Holden                         2015 Martin Tolley

2016 Paul Black & Clive Bailye      2017 Steven Wood & Mark Henderson

2018 Alasdair Coates                    2019 Andy Yemens

2021 Rob Smith.                           2022 Nigel Ainge & Danny Cassar

Ken Walker 250cc Challenge Trophy

The Ken Walker Trophy was presented to the DPRAC by Mrs Dorothy Walker in memory of her husband. Ken had been the ever-cheerful and popular gateman at the Club enclosure. 

The trophy is a plaque with a bronze scroll surmounted with oak leaves, and is presented for a 250cc solo motorcycle event selected by the Club committee. 

Current Holder 2023: Jerry Longland

Previous Winners:

1988 Rob Orme               1989 Rob Orme                  1990 Adrian Clarke

1991 Phil Burman            1992 Gary Haslam               1994 Chris Walker

1995 Chris Walker           1996 Bruce Dunn                1997 Pete Turnbull

1998 Les Wood               1999 Frank Swain                2000 Pete Turnbull

2001 Owen Cherrel.         2002 George Wakefield       2003 Ian Brookman

2004 Alex Kenchington    2005 Andy Hyde                  2006 Ben Johnson

2007 Andrew Sawford     2008 Dave Irons                   2009 Jason Davis

2010 John Davidson        2011 Adrian Baker              2012 Joop Vande Pol

2013 Christopher Martin   2014 Christopher Martin     2015 Mike Hose

2016 Will Loder                2017 Mike Hose                 2018 Chris Wallace

2019 Mike Hose.             2021 Joe Woodward          2022 Symond Woodward

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