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Something which the DPRAC is extremely proud of is our Welfare Fund, which has been a registered charity since 1984. The fund was first set up in 1977 when racing finally returned to Donington Park, and its aim is to raise money to provide medical equipment for use at the circuit and also to provide financial help for drivers and riders who are injured whilst competing at Donington. The money is raised in a number of ways, such as donations from members and other fund raising events held during the year. Over the years the Club has been able to purchase a wide range of medical and rescue equipment, such as an ambulance, a fire engine, a number of scoop stretchers, cutting gear, a respirator, a mobile defibrillator and many other items totalling in excess of £30,000.

In 2005 the Club was very busy on the Welfare front and donations were made to both Donington Parks Medical Centre and the circuits Emergency and Rescue Team to buy equipment for use in the safety and welfare of competitors at the circuit.


The DPRAC purchased a number of items for both the Medical Team and Rescues Team at Donington Park race circuit. Earlier in the year both the late Lyn Jarrett in the medical centre and Diane Hardy of the circuit's safety team were asked to identify equipment which they would like. The club paid £1,755.87 for the cost of equipment they bought.

The equipment the Medical Team received includeed 6 Paramedic Bag Back Packs along with 6 badges displaying ?Donington Medical Team? and 6 badges saying "Donated by DPRAC"

The Rescue Team equipment included a new spinal board with head immobilising straps and also a KTD (Kendrick Traction Device) compact splint with orange carrying pouch.

Automated Defibrillator

We have presented a Defib to the Medical Team from the club Welfare fund.


Emergency Teams

The emergency teams at Donington are extremely grateful for the continuing support that the DPRAC members give to them and the circuit through the welfare fund. In 2000, The DPRAC bought a fully working ex-fireservice tender (registration number C677UUT) and this was prensented by the then DPRAC chairperson, Ernest Winfield (see picture, Right). The proposal was comunicated to the committee by Tim Wardle, maintanence manager at Donington in 1999.


Also in 2001, a further £2,700 from the Welfare Fund was used to buy new fireproof overalls for Donington Park's Emergency Services team. Some of the team are shown above in their new outfits ? blue for the rescue unit crew and orange for the fire crew.

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